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We all go places. Everyone gets up and gets in the car and hits the road. It could be to the market or away for the weekend. It could be to a family member’s house or to a friend’s party. We all have a destination at some point. What if we viewed our paths as adventures instead of just roads though? Would our eyes open up a bit more to our surrounding? Would we notice the intricacies of the paths we take?

Traveling takes us now fractions of the time it has in the past. Technology made the world smaller, but still the ends of the earth are further than we all think. It takes hours instead of days or months to travel thousands of miles, minutes instead of hours to travel 20-30 miles, and all of it seems so efficient.

In that efficiency, have we lost the ability to take in our surroundings and pay attention to every little detail on the roads we take every day?

Today I propose a challenge. Take the roads less traveled with no destination. Do it however you may, but somehow you must stay to the ground or water. Take everything in around you and experience Earth’s beauty, both naturally and human made. See how both either mend together or how construction doesn’t aesthetically please our eye or the environment. No matter what, it is all beauty. Find a different way home today, or get lost and enjoy all that is around you. Appreciate every curve in the road, and seek nothing but the thoughts in your head.

Our world has been made smaller by the technology in our infrastructure, but it doesn’t mean what is around us is larger than our being. The roads that connect our journeys connect our hearts to someplace that they may belong. Below is a few pictures of the Roads Less Traveled that I have been on.

Dirt Roads of the Mid-West bring small towns forgotten by time.

9,000 Feet Elevation on September 1st. equaled 5 straight hours of descending the Rocky Mountains coming out of Montana.

Miles of desert and mountains on all sides.

Long roads mix sustainability with ecology

It seems infinite, but there is an ending to every path

Not all of New Jersey is Toxic Waste…

So this is a road well traveled, but if you haven’t driven it, I highly recommend you should.

Some roads bring you feeling like you are moving at the speed of light.

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