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A name is usually a good place to start so that is where I shall begin. My name is Andrew, and most shorten it to Drew. I picked up my first camera when I was 17 years old, and what was then just a camera, is now my view finder to show others how I see the world. Every part of this planet portrays beauty, even in the pain. Our eyes see the lights and the movements of ever changing environments, and I enjoy freezing that environment with the clasp of the shutter. You cannot change an image captured and that moment lives on through your eyes and how you have taken the shot. Our world is ever changing and a photograph freezes that moment permanently. The only way we can ever retrieve that day is through our eyes.

Our Wandering Souls is a collection of these images. The name of the blog is personal. I am a wandering soul. I do not believe in settling down, but forever exploring. Whether it be in my own backyard or in a car wandering the country, my heart is behind a camera and exploring every aspect of our communities. We all have stories and I will portray them through glass onto the blog and through paper.

The name touches all human beings on this. All of our souls are different and yearn for different requirements to make our lives in one way or another fulfilled. All of our souls wander and wonder in the amazement that is our lives on a day to day basis.

I welcome you into my little spot on the interwebz to explore the imagery I have created throughout the years. I appreciate any and all comments. Prints at some point will be available upon request. I will let you know when this aspect of the blog is ready. I hope you enjoy the photos and the stories that go along with them.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this site grow. I will stay tuned.

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