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I’m experimenting with black & whites… Please let me know what you think..

Wood’s Hole

Wood’s Hole

Nobska Light

Newcomb Hollow Beach

Fish Pier

Fish Pier

Grey’s Beach

Fish Pier

Entrance Road into Provincetown (click for full image)

Fish Pier

Planto Utor Vestri Vicis.

Make the Most of Your Time. Everyone has a different definition for the value our lives hold. In short though, our lives are time, and in it’s most extreme, the time is measured in an hourglass. Nobody actually knows how much sand their hourglass holds and nobody knows when the sand will slowly funnel away to the bottom. Without the knowledge of our time of passing it is a human’s purpose to leave a mark on this earth. Our paths are all different and our souls wander in different directions, but in the end, the possibility of creating a legacy for the future to see and to appreciate is the main objective.

This does not mean winning a Nobel Peace Prize, or becoming the President of the United States. At the rawest form, your footprints left behind could be something in your own backyard. It can be the simplest message. We are given time as a gift to portray this message and leave are own time stamp for future generations in our family and friends to look back on. Make the most of your time while you reside on this planet and do not block others with different paths from their happiness. Accept others dreams and your dreams shall be made reality.

Below are a few images I shot in my wanderings trying to make the most of the valuable time that has been laid before us. I hope you enjoy.

Warm winter days in the Village in New York City. A day for a stroll through Washington Park and a rare scene of a lonely car less avenue in Manhattan

Driving down Route 66 at dusk through Arizona brought some mild boredom. Heat exhausted from driving through Nevada with no AC and the temperatures at well over 100 degrees made the mind weary. I saw the train coming one way at high speed as we were going the other way.

My sister decided that January would be a great time to move to Newburyport. We finished up the move and I went down to the mouth of the Merrimack River. I wanted to take a walk but this is as far down the boardwalk I got. The wind was frigid, but the light was right.

Mount Monadnock off on the horizon on a warm September day.

South Dakota brings long straight roads through rolling prairies with miles of wind blown fields. At times it reminds you of an ocean of land with wave motions in the prairie grass from the short gusts of wind. From a distance on the roads you can see what looks like a dog’s jaw on the horizon. As you get closer the jaws transform into amazing pillars of colored sand and stone. In a land of flat landscape, the range look more like temples and amazing creations.

Driving the upper peninsula of Michigan we came across a small town with a nice beach on Lake Michigan. The nice beach had a nice lighthouse. It was nice.

The idea was to leave the highway and wind our way around Lake Coeur D’Alene in Idaho to actually arrive in the resort town of Coeur D’Alene. Little did we know how large the lake was or how long it was going to take not actually being on a main road. We ran way past our deadline, but we made the most of the adventure with views like this.

Vast expanses of land protected and guarded by barb wire fence.

On our way home from Cleveland after a football game a detour through Pennsylvania was in order. Getting of the highway we tried to find Gravity Hill. Every barn had a stamp on it for Mail Pouch Tobacco.

Day breaks and the winds pick up outside the harbor. Check your plots and set the GPS to the fishing grounds. Leave with the fleet but break off and blaze your own trail in a land only nature can tame.

Warm sunny days, a blazing sun, and a pier to jump off. Some day’s that’s all you need.

Make the Most Of Your Time…